5 Key Signs of a Great Dissertation Writing Service

Writing a dissertation is one of the most laborious and time consuming tasks any student will face. There are a number of online resources to help research, write or evaluate any possible subject matter but unfortunately, not all of these dissertation writing services deliver the same quality.

  1. Highly Reviewed
  2. Although they can be inaccurate or misleading, customer reviews are generally a good first step when selecting a service provider. Don’t fall into the trap of only reading the first one or two that show up. The more reviews the better! Many organizations will pay for positive reviews to appear at the top of a search. Be sure to read as many as possible before selecting one, it could save a lot of stress and money down the road.

  3. 24/7 Support
  4. Most dissertations are written late at night, by blurry eyed students racing to make an important deadline. Therefore, if a problem comes up, its critically important to be able to get in touch with someone at all hours. If a service does not offer 24/7 support, it may not be there to help when the client needs them the most.

  5. Direct Communication with the Writer
  6. A good writer will always want to know who they are working for. If a provider doesn’t give out contact details or follow up directly, it is usually a good sign that they do not take the final product seriously. Avoid any service that doesn’t offer personal communication, even if it will cost a little extra to use one that does.

  7. Unlimited Revisions
  8. A first draft rarely says all it needs to or flows like a polished final product. Revisions are necessary to catch any errors as well as hone the thesis of the paper. Since it will likely take multiple to produce the final masterpiece, revisions can add up quickly if a provider is charging for each one. Unlimited, free revisions are a sure sign that a dissertation writing service stands behind it’s work and will not try to upcharge the client at every opportunity.

  9. Satisfaction Guarantee
  10. In addition to frequent revisions, a satisfaction guarantee is the final safeguard to ensure a product is worth the time and money invested in it. Ultimately, its your name that will appear at the top of any dissertation and the judgment will reflect back upon its author. A satisfaction guarantee means the provider will not stop working with you until the final product is something to be proud of.